Calvary Cruisers

Can you be a leather-wearing biker and still be a Christian?

The Calvary Cruisers Club is a Christian group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Founded in the summer of 2006 with eight members, the Calvary Cruisers always welcome new members. Regular club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, and during warm weather, we schedule a club run at least once a month. Feel free to stop by on a meeting night (2nd Tuesdays at 6:30pm at CBC bldg) to meet us and find out more about the Cruisers!

"Riding with eternity's values in view", the Cruisers share a love for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as well as riding bikes. Feel free to join us for an open run if you have a 500cc motorcycle or larger. Run dates are posted on the CBC web site calendar. Be sure to call President, Art Dullinger to sign up for a scheduled open run so that he will have enough road captains for the group.

Contact our President Art Dullinger
by calling the church office - 625-4352 and leave a message.

Happy trails!