Missionaries Supported by Calvary Bible Church

David and Diana Bailey work with the Krikati Indians in northern Brazil. In 2007 God used the Baileys to bring many Indians to Christ and as of December 2009 the number had grown to between three and four hundred. Also the Baileys now offer pastoral care and oversight to several other tribal works through their church. When they are traveling their son, Denis, and his wife, Oli, take care of their village’s needs.

Paul and Lucinda Bentley serve with the Pioneers and live in Cochabamba, Bolivia. When in Bolivia they minister to the Quechua Indians. Paul also helps with the Quechua radio station called Mosoj Chaski (New Messenger) and their ministries. In addition, Paul is a regional director with the Pioneers for both Americas and Europe which entails a lot of traveling.

Tim and Faith Brennan are missionaries to the Kaingang Indians and Brazilian nationals in southern Brazil and are sponsored by Milford Bible Church in Pennsylvania. Tim does Bible translation, visitation, evangelism, preaching and discipling. Faith oversees and administers the Bible Seminary students in their daily activities and attitudes while carrying on an active ministry in counseling.

David and Grace Fread serve with New Tribes Missions at their Brazilian headquarters in Anápolis, Goiás. They not only take care of many administrative needs, but also travel extensively by road and boat to over 200 tribes. The Fread’s goal is to encourage the missionaries who are often quite isolated and help them with their needs.

Dave and Joan King are Maine missionaries with Send International. They minister in Ukraine twice a year. Dave teaches at Kiev Theological Seminary helping to prepare future pastors for Ukraine. He also raises funds and work teams so the Seminary can expand its capacity. In addition, he does marriage counseling and assists with administrative decisions.

Sandro and Hope Rancan are missionaries from Brazil who are presently preparing to serve in Mali. They will start in Senegal to learn the language and culture which they anticipate will take about a year. They expect to travel to Senegal in March, 2012. In the past they served in Senegal but feel God is moving them to a new country.

Larry and Jo-Ann Scheleen are serving with CrossWorld in Killarney, Ireland. Larry is pastor of Grace Fellowship, a small church, and Jo-Ann teaches Sunday school. Their goal is help this body of believers to grow in size and spiritual maturity. They also reach out to their community with the gospel.

Christine Sears serves as a missionary to Germany with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. For Many years she worked in Marktoberdorf located in southern Germany but in recent years she has been serving in Berlin. Her ministries include working with the hearing impaired and women in various ways; such as, two exercise groups, some neighbors, and two chronological Bible studies. She also teaches Vietnamese children once a month during Junior church at the request of another missionary.